New format for posts about sports violence

I’ve been writing extensively for the past 3 years about brain injuries in sports on my “law firm website,” which is now retired… as I am. The subject both fascinates me and scares the hell out of me.

I’m going to tag each post with “sports violence” or “concussions.” If you want to read all the posts, simply enter “sports violence” or “concussions”  in the search bar. Or you can click on the slider images to be whisked to the specific article.

What do you think about the tackle in the Michigan vs. South Carolina game in the video above? Legal or illegal?

Check out this terrific resource:

  • Sport Concussion Library

Super duper article:

  • “Why NFL Helmets will never be Concussion- Proof” [Very scary!]

13 Factoids that will shock and enlighten you:

  • CDC estimates reveal that 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occur each year
  • 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport season
  • Fewer than 10% of sport related concussions involve a Loss of Consciousness (e.g., blacking out, seeing stars, etc.)
  • Football is the most common sport with concussion risk for males (75% chance for concussion)
  • Soccer is the most common sport with concussion risk for females (50% chance for concussion)
  • 78% of concussions occur during games (as opposed to practices)
  • Some studies suggest that females are twice as likely to sustain a concussion as males
  • Headache (85%) and Dizziness (70-80%) are most commonly reported symptoms immediately following concussions for injured athletes
  • Estimated 47% of athletes do not report feeling any symptoms after a concussive blow
  • A professional football player will receive an estimated 900 to 1500 blows to the head during a season
  • Impact speed of a professional boxers punch: 20mph
  • Impact speed of a football player tackling a stationary player: 25mph
  • Impact speed of a soccer ball being headed by a player: 70mph

[Courtesy of a wonderful resource on the subject of sports concussions, the Sports Concussion Institute]