The Ruthless NJ Divorce Court Bravehearts another Victim

The NJ Divorce Court shows Sean P. Lawless who’s boss

How dare this former husband and spouse defy our order. He owes $707 in support payments. Ability to pay? Hogwash. Arrest this man, and make sure you grab him in front of his employer.  We’ll get him fired, and drive him crazy. This way, he’ll lose his job, fall into a deep depression, turn to alcohol or drugs to self medicate, and slide deeper into debt. Oh, one more thing, throw him in jail for a year and take away his medicine to make sure he gets NJ Divorce Court’s message (why does the NJ Supreme Court keep releasing our enemies?).

I am utterly speechless after reading the case of Sean P. Lawless.

The following is the story of Sean Lawless, in his own words**

The Sean P. Lawless case history

This image is a screen grab of the Sean Lawless divorce case history

Mr. Lawless served out this violation until he appeared before Judge Siegel on April 21, 2014.


**A special thank you to Ariel Schochet for bringing this case to my attention and furnishing the Lawless court papers.

Here’s a link to a download (free no email address required) to the full letter brief written by Mr. Lawless).




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4 Responses to “The Ruthless NJ Divorce Court Bravehearts another Victim”

  1. njskypilot May 5, 2014 at 8:51 am #

    another victim of the NJ Family courts. Mr. Lawless has paid a price way beyond what is reasonable or necessary. Fired from his job, Driving license suspensions, Warrants for arrest, incarceration? What is this for and what is it they(Family court judges) hope to accomplish? Whatever it is they are failing in spectacular fashion. I have met hundreds of men all across NJ who are living out this same nightmare. BTW, I say men because even though there are a few women who go through this it is mostly men who paying the heaviest price in the greatest numbers. I don’t get why the system is so abusive. Mr. Lawless’s case is just the latest in hundreds being played all across NJ where the family courts are destroying lives and relationships with children. The tragedy is the courts which are supposed to help make things better are actually doing more damage!

    • lawrence berezin May 5, 2014 at 9:31 am #

      Well said, NJSky! Best, Larry

  2. Ruby2008 May 5, 2014 at 10:19 am #

    These laws will change. The recipient in numerous cases holds a vendetta against their payer. When they do not get the money that is owed to them, they hold all the aces in their hand. It is the payer that is allowed to enforce incarceration. Could they effectively mediate for a lower payment in the interim? Could they find suitable employment to provide for themselves eventually? It is not impossible, but it is rare. The law allows this and then the judge can enforce the law as it is written – or use their discretion to allow discovery over whether or not there is any income to pay the ex-spouse. This person is not alone. It is awful to watch someone being taken away in handcuffs on the word of someone else. It is a sin to allow the injustice to continue even after all the publicity, just because it is easier to incarcerate than it is to investigate. People need to become responsible for themselves post divorce and not rely on the income of another. Freedom from a marriage includes financial independence. Support should never be for life, should never be for beyond what one person can afford at any given time. This incarceration made no sense, no progress, and still leaves the dependent spouse in the same predicament.

    • lawrence berezin May 5, 2014 at 10:52 am #

      I hear you. This system is broken. Will it ever get fixed?
      Always great to hear from you, Ruby. Be well. Best, Larry

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