The Reports of the Death of Oral Palimony Agreements was Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Twain could have been referring to  Senate No. 2091

Years ago, legal commentators referred to Senate No. 2091 as the “death knell of palimony cases…”  However, a new day has dawned in the evolution of palimony laws in New Jersey. The NJ Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument today. The question before the court today is whether or not the law should be applied retroactively.

You can watch the NJ Supreme Court in action on the NJ Supreme Court Webcast, which you’ll find on the NJ Courts website.

Here’s a link the NJ Law Journal Article on the upcoming case of Ross and Meaker.

The NJ Bar Association filed an amicus brief. What do you think their position was?

Spoiler alert:

“There are numerous New Jersey citizens who have altered their lives in reliance upon a promise made by another in a relationship that they believe constitutes a valid oral palimony agreement. The decision in this case will impact the ability of those citizens to continue to rely on those oral promises if, and when, the relationship falters,” the association wrote in its brief.


How do you think the NJ Supreme Court will rule? Should the amended law be given retroactive application?



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  1. Ruby2008 May 5, 2014 at 10:37 am #

    Two steps forward, one step back. If two people are dedicated to each other to the point of marriage, then divorce, the State of NJ becomes a third party to that union and dictates the level of support that will be provided. If two people remain unmarried, residing together because it is less expensive to do so, they too are unaware that the State of NJ becomes a third party to your cohabitation. Your right to choose a partnership is being revoked because NJ wants to hold you financially responsible and it can be forever.

    People of NJ – WAKE UP! Write to your legislators and let them know the shenanigans that goes on.

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