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Share your passion and excite us about its purpose

I love passionate people who work relentlessly to accomplish a purpose that benefits more than their immediate family, relatives, and friends.  There are so many examples of famous people, celebrities, and athletes taking action to help society in general. For example, Bruce Springsteen and so many other entertainers performing concerts to benefit victims of mother nature’s anger. Athletes visiting children in hospitals and sponsoring foundations for the greater good.

But what about wonderful action taken by people who are not famous, “the little people” like you and me. We have super stories to share about our passion and activities for the greater good. For example, there’s the NJ Woman Alimony Reform. Talk about passion for  changing New Jersey’s current harsh, hurtful alimony laws.  How about a tireless woman whose mission is teaching inmates to write (grievances) by using graphic art.

I invite you to tell us about your passion with a purpose. I will publish it as long as it is a story about passion and taking relentless action that benefits people, groups, or society in general. It may be as simple as helping a blind person cross a street, fighting to change an evil law, or working in a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or homeless shelter.

Please feel free to write about a friend or family member’s passion and the action taken to effectuate her/his mission.

It time we give you and me a standing ovation for doing good!

Start writing now.


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