How to Navigate the NJ Landlord-Tenant Court System

Landlord-Tenant Resources

The N.J. Courts online is a super resource for up-to-date information about the N.J. courts. Here are some frequently asked questions about your rights and responsibilities in the Landlord-Tenant courts (Click on the links for the answers).


Please don’t think “just showing up” is enough to win your case in Landlord-Tenant Court if you’re the tenant. Take some of your valuable time to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities. Otherwise, I promise you will be in for a very bad experience (which could have been avoided).

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Calendar call instructions-Landlord-Tenant Court in N.J.


Heyert v. Taddese,     A-4801-10T2; Appellate Division; opinion by Parrillo, P.J.A.D.; decided and approved for publication June 25, 2013. Before Judges Parrillo, Sabatino and Fasciale. On appeal from the Law Division, Hudson County, L-1247-10/L-1460-10 (consolidated). DDS No. 27-2-0421 [65 pp.]

Held: Charging the tenants a rent that exceeded that allowable under the rent-control ordinance was an affirmative act of misrepresentation that subjected the landlords to liability under the Consumer Fraud Act, regardless of their intent. The rent-control ordinance is not unconstitutionally vague either on its face or as applied to the landlords’ property. The landlords’ appeal of the base rent calculation was properly rejected as untimely. The tenants had standing to challenge the grant of the hardship rent increase but the board erred in not considering the landlords’ second mortgage, requiring a remand.

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