5 Tips about Selecting a N.J. Car Accident Lawyer

Are all N.J. car accident lawyers created equal?

Of course not. Then how do you sort through the bazillion personal injury lawyers, and filter out the hype and the noise? Here are some suggestions:

  • “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”-Ask a trusted friend, or business colleague for a recommendation. Preferably a lawyer your friend or close business colleague has worked with previously. Once you have a name or two, do your homework. Visit the lawyer’s website. N.J. has strict ethical standards about client testimonials. So, don’t expect to find a plethora of revealing insights from clients because it isn’t ethical. Make sure you search for ethical violations.
  • What if I have no friends?-Umm. Good question. Then do a thorough search on the Internet. Does your prospective lawyer publish a blog? Is the website content valuable and relevant? Or, is it all, me…me…me?
  • Home Field Advantage-If you live in Cape May County, don’t jump on the first Essex County lawyer that looks good to you. There are many super duper lawyers in the County where you live. Choosing an excellent in-county lawyer has many advantages, for example:

Easy access to the lawyer’s office

Your local lawyer most likely appears frequently in your local county courts, and is familiar with local court “customs”

And so on…

  • Does size matter?-Absolutely not. An excellent lawyer is an excellent lawyer regardless of where he practices.
  • If you suffered a “serious” personal injury in a N.J. car accident-please, please be sure your lawyer of choice is an experienced, skillful, trial lawyer. If the court room door swings open, and your lawyer get’s sea sick, you’ve got the wrong lawyer. A lawyer with a reputation as a trial lawyer will absolutely increase the value of your case

Bonus Tip: “Jack of all trades, master of none”- If your lawyer professes expertise in every nook and cranny of the law,  think twice about your selection. In this age of specialization, don’t settle for less, seek out the best.

Here are two N.J. personal injury lawyers I heartily recommend:


A super trial lawyer. I’ve referred many cases to Mr. Stone, and have been extremely happy with the results. Gregg is the managing partner in Kirsch, Gelband & Stone, with offices in Newark, N.J. (Essex County)


As a Certified Civil Trial Attorney focusing on personal injury claims in New Jersey for more than 40 years, Jack Wurgaft is considered one of the most respected attorneys in Essex and Union County. Since founding the firm in 1978 with his college classmate Kenneth Javerbaum, he has been lead counsel in several significant personal injury cases. Excellent, compassionate lawyer.

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